• The age old legal debate on religious freedoms is still relevant today
    Freedom of religion means freedom to hold an opinion or belief, but not to take action in violation of social duties or subversive to good order.  - Reynolds v. United States (1878)
  • Whether you’re looking at a former sharecropper, hitchhiking from Clarksdale to Chicago in 1923, or an orphan from Aleppo, in a boat full of refugees in 2016 – it’s migration blues...
    On "Migration Blues" Eric Bibb draws a parallel between the former African American sharecroppers leaving the segregation and misery of the South for the industrial cities of the North and the current migratory movement to Europe of the refugees from the Middle East.
  • South Africa is mourning the passing of the popular TV personality
    South Africa is mourning the passing of Bra Joe Mafela who was affectionately known as ‘Sdumo’. He was a popular comedian, musician, writer, producer and a television personality. He was loved by many people locally and abroad.
  • Thoughts on social (re-)engineering.
    'The draft’ is a term that is associated with military service, which became poignant more than 40 years ago during the Vietnam War era and has surfaced in news headlines only now and then thereafter.
  • New EP from Jamaican Reggae artist DVoyce
    Great new tracks from Jamaican Reggae artist DVoyce.
  • On the movie "Dora's Peace"
    UbuntuFM’s Ikenna Okeh interviewed South-African actress Khabonina Qubeka. Khabonina’s movie “Dora’s Peace” premieres at RapidLion 2017, March 04-12, The Market Place, Johannesburg.
  • Aren't we all foreigners, somewhere, somehow?
    I recently received the video attached to this article from one of my Youtube subscribers lists. It's a report by CTGN Africa news channel on protests in South Africa concerning tensions between citizens and foreign residents. Xenophobia: a global issue
  • Album by Jimmy Bowskill & Carlos Del Junco
    Every now and then we stumble upon these hidden gems, diamonds in disguise…
  • A collection of Rhythm & Blues classics
    "Saturday Night Fish Fry - Vol. 1" is a collection of Rhythm & Blues classics by Toronto based Saturday Night Fish Fry, arranged & produced by Bill King featuring the excellent female vocalist Shakura S’Aida.